Parents have a lot to say about Rusty and Rosy Reading™. It’s more than just another educational computer program. It’s reading software that is changing lives and helping children learn to read.

It Has Lightened My Load

“I love Rusty and Rosy! It has totally lightened my load. I have a Pre-kindergartener, first-, and third-grader. The program exceeds all grade standards. It is very interactive, assesses proficiency, and repeats material when it is necessary. I haven’t seen a program on the market that does what this program does, and does it to such a high standard. My kids love it! No more temper tantrums about school work time.”

— Freda, mother
Children ages four, six, and eight

She Asks to Do Her Lessons

“It’s so nice to have a child that ASKS to do their lessons. Over the first few months, we logged in lots of hours of lesson time, because she was getting on the computer in the evenings and on the weekends. Now she has discovered the ‘free play’ option, so the number of lesson hours has decreased, but the learning continues. (I set the settings so that she has to finish lessons first before accessing free play.)”

— Vicki, mother

Interactive and Fun

“I LOVE what Rusty and Rosy teaches! And I love how they do it. Very interactive and fun! There are silly songs, engaging visuals, funny characters, and real

— Michelle, mother
Child age five

He Knew Half the Alphabet

“I and my five year old little boy LOVE Rusty and Rosy! I find myself standing over his shoulder while he is doing his lessons just to see what cool thing comes next! Not to mention the incentive he has to finish and get to do “free play”! He started Rusty and Rosy when he had just turned four. At that time, he recognized maybe two to three letters. After about a month of lessons, he knew over half of the alphabet.”

— Lisa, mother
Child age five

My Children Love It

“Of all the products and programs that I have invested in for my children, the Rusty and Rosy program has been the best. My children love it and so do I.”

— Dan, father

They Don’t Realize It’s School Work

“I originally bought it for my four-year-old, but my seven-year-old also begs to go on it! I actually have to tell my four-year-old that he is done with it for the day; he would stay on it for hours if I let him. Most importantly he is learning; it teaches him things that I cannot. I think since it is on the computer, they feel it is a game, so they don’t even realize its school work! I will continue to use it and have told many others about it!”

— Shanyn, mother
Children ages four and seven

Best Program for Teaching Children

“My five-year-old son used Rusty and Rosy through a program through our state for the last year. One day I noticed he was reading. I had not taught him. It was all from the program, which is GREAT! It is so interactive and creative and fun. He used it for about 15 minutes a day and some days for over an hour because he was having fun on it. I bought the program now to use for my three-year-old because we moved out of the country and I want her to learn to read from it as well. It’s the best program I’ve ever used for teaching children.”

— Tami, mother
Children ages three and five

A Little Screen Time Goes a Long Way

“I am careful that my four-year-old daughter doesn’t have too much screen time, but I also want to teach her a more independent method of learning. Rusty and Rosy fits this perfectly! A little bit of screen time goes a long way in teaching her. Within three hours of screen time she had her alphabet. The best part of this to me is the parents’ screen. I can log in from any computer and see how she’s doing, what areas we need to work on, and where her strengths are. Try doing that with a book!”

— F. Thomas, mother
Child age four

My Three-year-old is Beginning to Spell

“I have my three-, six-, and eight-year-olds using Rusty and Rosy and we love it. They wake each morning, and the first one up, dressed, bed made, and breakfast is the first to be on “school with Rusty and Rosy.” Songs, letters, numbers, and even our three-year-old beginning to spell now has made it very worthwhile. I would recommend it to anyone with pre-k to second-grade children!”

— Kitty, mother
Child ages three, six, and eight

I Plan on Using It for a Long Time

“We are using the Rusty and Rosy program with our special needs daughter who is eight and it has been a good fit for her. She is asking to do school every day and even sometimes we will let her do a morning session and afternoon session. I think it is one of the top programs out there. I plan on using it for a long time as we have two other children with special needs. I have told others— therapists and teachers— about this program and they are excited about it.”

— Rox, mother
Special-needs child age eight