Child Development

In these early years, your child is growing and evolving in all sorts of ways. As your child grows, she is gaining skills and developing her academic and reading abilities, preparing her for interacting with the world.

Four Areas of Development

The skills your child develops fall into four areas: physical, cognitive (mental), language, and social and emotional. Throughout each age, you can help her by focusing learning activities on skills she is developing. For example, as your child learns to recognize the five senses, you can create activities that help her understand sight (go on a nature walk and talk about things you see), smell (cook together and point out the different smells of ingredients used), touch (create sensory bins with rough, smooth, hard, or soft objects), taste (create a lunch with many different tastes you can talk about), and hear (listen to different animal sounds or street sounds and talk about what you hear).

Our blog features many activities that will engage your child.

Reading and Literacy

As your child begins developing specific literacy skills, such as reading and writing, research early reading programs that fit your child’s needs. Find a program that focuses on developing vocabulary, comprehension, phonics and phonological awareness, reading fluency, and other language concepts such as grammar, rhyming, reading print, etc. Also make sure the reading program teaches your child in a way that meets your child’s skill level and learning style.

When your child starts school, classroom instruction and independent reading become important. You can supplement her progress and growth with personalized instruction through an elementary reading program. This can be software or another program your community or child’s school offers.

Reading with Rusty and Rosy

Rusty and Rosy Reading™ is a great early reading program for preschool- or elementary-age children, targeting children aged four through eight (preschool through second grade). Rusty and Rosy Reading teaches your child the reading basics and more to become a fluent and confident reader.

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