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5 Ways to Learn on the Road

learn on the road

One thing I love about my little ones is how adaptable they are when we are in the car.  We could be on the road for 5 minutes or 5 hours and somehow we all get through it with very little whining.

We also never leave home without a plan to keep them happy and content.  There is always a water bottle in their car seat holder, if we are going to be out over snack time we take a little something with us, and in the pocket behind the front seats there are travel games at the ready.

Here are 5 great ways for your kids to learn while on the road.

  1. Travel Bingo – This is one of our favorite road games.  There are various styles of Travel Bingo ranging from Auto Bingo, Traffic Safety Bingo, and Interstate Highway Bingo so the kids have a few choices when they are playing.  The best part is that they don’t often play this game as traditional bingo where you fill a line to win, instead they see who can fill the entire board first.  The best part is that you don’t have to put markers on everything you have found, there are nifty little windows that you close on the board as you find each item so there’s no fear of dropping markers on the car floor or losing pieces.  We purchased our sets from Cost Plus World Market, but you can find these on-line too.
  2. I Spy With My Little Eye – We play two versions of this game.  The first is ‘I Spy Colors’ where you suggest a color and everyone guesses what the object of that color is.  The second is ‘I Spy Letter’ where you find an object and give the rest of the players just the first letter and they have to guess what the object is.
  3. Educational apps – If you have a smart phone or iPad, download educational apps for the kids to learn on the go.  We don’t often let our kids use phones at home, but do let them on the road, especially if we will be out for quite a while. It breaks up the game playing and gives parents a little quiet time too. One of our favorite apps is Teach Me, which has 4 versions – Toddler, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade.  Another favorite, particularly with our son, is Math Bingo by ABCya.com.  Then they have a fun, yet still educational one, Super Why.
  4. Stories on DVD and CD – Sure we love to play the occasional Barbie, or Thomas DVD in the car, but our kids also love stories on DVD and CD too.  They especially love those that have a matching book so they can read along and look at pictures as the story is told.  One of the kids favorite books on DVD is Giggle, Giggle, Quack.
  5. Landmarks – If you don’t have a GPS (or even if you do) give the kids a map of where you are going.  Highlight the route you will be taking so they can look for landmarks along the way such as train tracks, towns, water sources, and parks.