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All About Bugs and Insects

all about bugs and insects

Bugs and insects are everywhere, and kids are fascinated by them, so I’m going to share some fun ways to teach them about their favorite creepy crawlies.

Bug and Insect Activities

  • Visit your local nature center, zoo, or state park.  Learn from Rangers and experts about the fascinating critters living all around us.
  • Go on an insect safari at your local park, or hiking trail.  Make a graph for the kids of insects and bugs they may find in the area, have them mark them off as they see them.
  • Study the life-cycle of caterpillars by ordering a kit on-line and observing as metamorphosis takes place.
  • Contact your local honey farm about taking a tour and learn all about bees.

Bug and Insect Crafts

The kids made these fun egg carton spiders and caterpillars at a recent Little Rangers camp at a state park.  All you need are egg cartons, pipe-cleaners, and googly eyes.

Here are a few more fun bug and insect craft projects you can try:

  • Thumbprint bugs – Put your child’s thumb on a stamp pad and then onto a piece of paper, have them draw on legs, eyes, antennae, and wings.
  • Rock painting – Paint a few rocks in your garden to look like yellow or red ladybugs, bees, and other bugs and insects.  Use outdoor paint if you want to put your painted rocks back into the garden.
  • Paper plate bugs – Paint paper plates to look like bugs and insects.  Cut colored pieces of paper to make heads, legs, and antennae and glue them on.

Bug and Insect Books

Here are 5 fun books kids are sure to love that are all about bugs and insects.

  • Dr Seuss On Beyond Bugs:  All About Insects, by Tish Rabe
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle
  • The Big Bug Search, by Caroline Young
  • Bugs by the Numbers, by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss
  • Ladybugs Can’t be Tall, by Kevin Hill

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Have you done any fun activities or crafts to teach your children about bugs and insects?  I’d love to hear more about them.