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Giving Kids an Extra Hour of Your Day

1 extra hour a day

This summer is flying by and not in the way I imagined. I had hoped for lots of daytrips to the park, pool, local orchard, zoo, beach and friend’s houses. I researched free and low cost activities that would appeal to kids of all ages and even signed up for newsletters from local attractions.

Something happened to my master plan. I started working a job. The work is flexible and I do it from home but it really cuts into prime time during the day. I feel guilty that the sun is shining and I’m sitting in front of a computer and the kids are asking if there is anything to do.

This week I changed things up a little. I gave up an hour to give it back to the kids. I took that hour from my sleep. I love my sleep, it’s something that I hate to give up for anything. I realized that my kids happiness and summer memories relied on it though.

The first morning I get into an elaborate activity with my youngest. We built entire city out of construction paper and crayons, play animals, Matchbox cars and blocks. Truthfully it took way more than an hour to create but then it provided a couple more hours of entertainment as she moved her city around and reorganized streets and built new structures.
The next day was dedicated to my son. He’s an excellent reader but he just doesn’t enjoy it yet. He loves stories and listening to audio books, he’s been listening to Series of Unfortunate Events for over a year, over and over. I started our morning with ME reading out loud a chapter book of his choosing. He choose Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Ugly Truth. We laughed and had some special bonding time over something that we don’t do often enough. I promised him I would read a chapter or two each morning before we get into our regular routines.

These are just small steps but they really made a positive impact on the rest of the day.