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Fire Safety Activities for Kids

fire activities for kids

It’s summer, which means the weather is perfect for late night fire pits to make s’mores, it also unfortunately means that dry regions in particular are more prone to wildfires.

Help kids learn about fireman, fire trucks, and fire safety with these fun tips.


We’ve been doing a lot of fire engine building over the summer vacation.  From a wooden Melissa & Doug fire engine, where we taught our little man how to use a screwdriver, to assembling his Lego fire engine set.  Both activities required him to follow the directions in the manuals.

He was so proud of the fire truck.  We have slowly been introducing him to tools and building, but this was his first real project.

He has quite an extensive LEGO Fire collection that he is still building on.  If you look closely you can see the water drops (LEGO) falling onto the tree from the plane to put out the fire.

Here are a few more fun crafts and activities for kids:

  • Paint a cardboard box to look like a fire engine.  Have fire engine races, or let your little firefighter water the plants for you.
  • Make a fireman using a cardboard roll (toilet paper rolls work really well for this activity)
  • Dress-ups are great fun for little firefighters.


Contact your local fire department and see if you can pay them a visit (they might love it if you took a plate of cookies too).  Have them show the kids the fire trucks and all the gear they need to fight fires.  Your kids are sure to learn some valuable fire safety tips.

The U.S. Fire Administration (FEMA) have wonderful resources available including discussion points, escape plans, activity books, and coloring pages.


Here are 10 fire books that kids will love.

  • The Fire Engine Book (Little Golden Book), by Tibor Gergely
  • Curious George and the Firefighters, by H.A. Rey and Margret Rey
  • LEGO City: Fire Truck to the Rescue, by Sonia Sander
  • The Fire Cat, by Esther Averill
  • Arthur’s Fire Drill, by Marc Brown
  • Flashing Fire Engines, by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker
  • The Little Fire Engine, by Lois Lenski
  • Mac the Fire Truck and the Factory Fire, by Trey Watson
  • Big Frank’s Fire Truck, by Leslie McGuire
  • Fire Engine Man, by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha


I made these fun treats for the kids recently, and they are really simple.  All you need are pretzels and Roll-ups (I used the Orange Cherry Wildfire ones).

Have you taught your kids about fire safety?  Do they know how to stop, drop, and roll?