The Smartest Card in Your Wallet

I love the library!  When I saw the announcement that September is Library Card Sign-up Month, I remembered the day my mom took me, along with my sister and several of my brothers, to get our own library cards.  I remember the great feeling of independence I had with that card.  A real and true plastic card I could keep in my own wallet!  I could check out anything I wanted from the library!  I proudly signed my name in ink on the back of the card, then slid my stack of books across the counter to get them checked out.  It was the first of many, many trips to the library.  Those visits to the library were wonderful.  I often got recommendations from the librarian, but always wandered in the stacks looking for something that would catch my attention.

I still had that library card for years after I moved away.  In fact, I think I still have it tucked away.  That card was a part of my childhood, and a tangible reminder of the feeling of independence I had when I could check out the books I wanted and escape to other times and places.

Now my local library is a beautiful English Tudor style building.  It was named the Most Beautiful Branch Library in America…in 1935, but I think it is still beautiful.  I love opening the big wooden doors and walking up the creaky steps into a world of books.

Of course, getting a library card here wasn’t quite as exciting as getting that first card, but I still enjoy my trips to the library.  And although I love the convenience of reserving online the books, audio books and DVDs I want, I still wander the stacks looking for something to catch my attention.

Have you been to the library to get a card for your child yet?  With the beginning of a new school year, now is a great time to do it!

To get a library card, you need a valid and current photo ID with a photo, name and local address, and the library card application.  Children under 14 need a parent’s signature to complete the application process. The application may be available online.  Use the search feature on this link to find a library near you, and happy reading (and exploring)!


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Amy Morris is a Reading Instructional Designer with the Waterford Institute. She previously taught kindergarten, where she loved helping her students on their journey of becoming fluent and engaged readers. She also has worked with at-risk first grade readers, organized and supervised an after school reading program for elementary students on the Navajo reservation, and has taught Reading and Language Arts courses at the university level. Amy loves to travel and has been to 47 states and 30 countries. She loves spending time with family, especially her 16 nieces and nephews, and enjoys working in her garden.

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