New York City With Kids

The end of the summer could not have come soon enough but the end was certainly bitter sweet.  After a long summer of swimming, partial camps, and working around the baby sitter’s schedule, we took the family on a 14 hour road trip to New York City.  I was feeling, let’s say, adventurous when we planned the trip.   I was scheduled to be in New York for a blogging conference and since we did not already have a big summer vacation planned, we decided to make New York City and Washington D.C. into our east coast family vacation.

Even though we planned on having fun, I thought this trip would be a good opportunity for the kids to learn about New York City, the historical buildings, and the five boroughs. When I was in fifth grade, I read the book Remember Me to Harold Square, by Paul Danziger,  a story about a young tween that spent the summer in New York City.  Through a scavenger hunt, the tween learned about the five boroughs of New York, the museums, the historical buildings, and so much more.  As a tween, I learned so much about the city just by reading that book that when my parents took me for my 16th birthday, I could not wait to visit all the places I read about.

So I decided to recreate what I learned from that book with my kids.  We went to the library and checked out some age appropriate books for my 1st, 2nd, and 5th grader (unfortunately, the library did not have Danziger’s text).  We learned about the bridges, the boroughs, Ellis Island, the M & M store, and so much more.

I had my fifth grader do an oral report on the five boroughs, the population, and other geographical facts about the city.  Although he acted miserable and hesitant at first, I think he secretly enjoyed it. He looked up the address to the bakery of his favorite TV Show so we made a pit stop to Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey.

End result, not only did we have a blast, but the kids turned out to be our tour guides during our trip.  Success! 

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