Making summer heat work in your favor


Here in Kansas, it has been hot. Dangerously hot. We cannot spend much time outdoors when the heat index is 110. But I have decided to make this summer heat wave work in my favor. Instead of staying holed up indoors and making a lazy day (like I did when I was in college) I am using this as a learning opportunity for my kids.

I would love to hear your thoughts too! Please share other ways you teach your kids about the weather! I am also always looking for new indoor activities for preschoolers, so feel free to share!

Learning about the weather – Meteorology

Lizzie is 5 years old and we check out outdoor thermometer throughout the day. She has learned how to read it and what those numbers mean. I want to buy one that has Fahrenheit and Celsius on it and teach her the differences next.

When we are getting a storm, I turn on my tablet and show her the radar map. We learn about direction of the storm. She can tell which way is north, south, east and west and whether we are in the path.

Learning about plants – Agriculture and Botany

We have a very small garden. It most has pumpkins and peas in it.  Lizzie and David (3 years old) water it daily. They learned the basic need plants have for water.  They also learn about evaporation – and why when it is the hottest (like it has been lately) they need to water their plants more.

I loved our discussion about photosynthesis. Lizzie learned about why plants are green and David kept saying he was growing stronger from the sun too!

Learning about problem solving

Making decisions based on other factors and strengthening logical skills must never be downplayed. Every morning I let Lizzie go outside and tell me the weather report. She looks at the thermometer and the sky. If it is hot, she decides to wear a summer dress.

Whenever we get ready to go to the pool I also remind them about the danger of sunburns. Lizzie always asks for lotion after I remind her.

I will admit – the extreme heat is one of my least favorite things about summer. But I can sure use it to teach my kids some valuable lessons.

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