Exploring Your Home City With Your Children

Today we did something that we have not done in years.  We took the kids downtown, parked near one of the major transit systems, took the little monorail system we have, and explored downtown like tourists.  We don’t live in very big metropolitan city, so public transportation is very limited.  Our monorail system travels only through a few miles downtown but it gives you a chance to visit different sections of downtown without having to worry about parking.   For adults, this is very helpful, but for the kids, it was like being on a train at Disney World.  They couldn’t get enough of it!  We took a few round trips, each time noticing a different building or detail.

We explored some of the older buildings around town and my husband explained the architectural styles from different eras. We spotted some art deco buildings, we noticed the Spanish influence in some of the buildings, and some Gothic influence located in the gargoyles. It was a nice lesson in architectural history.

After our little tour, we went to popular tourist area located on the water were many tourists and dolphins frequent.   We spent some time trying to spot dolphins swimming by and my ten-year old gave me a little lesson on dolphin and whale migration routes and seasons.  Luckily, before we left we spotted one fin off in the distance.

Our conversation then shifted to talking about the biggest cities in the world.  We couldn’t remember if Mexico City was the second or third largest city in the world and with a quick click of a button on my smart phone, we were able to get our answer fast.  We were in Mexico City last summer with the kids so they were able to compare the density difference between our home town and Mexico City– huge difference!

All in all, touring our city was a lot of fun.  We explored a different part of town that we normally do not go to with the kids, and before we left, we even came across an old fashioned fortune teller! The kids got a real kick out of it!

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