The Sand is Your Canvas: Learning at the Beach

My kids love going to the beach during the summer months.  We are lucky that we live only five miles away from the Atlantic coast and the beach.  Even though we are close, we surprisingly don’t go as often as we should.   When we do go, however, we make the best of it by packing lunches, snacks, and bring all of our beach toys and plan to camp out as long as the Florida sun will allow us to.

Justice JonesieA few weekends ago, we decided to try out a new beach and headed out to Tybee Island, Georgia for the weekend.  The beach at Tybee Island had much different sand than what we were used to in Florida which surprised my six and seven-year old.  They expected to find the same sort of soft, beige sand that we have in Florida.  What they got instead was a darker colored sand with a lot of small shells in it making it coarser than what they were used to.   We talked about why the sand was more coarse and grainy in Georgia than in Florida.  Luckily my ten-year old new the answers right away and explained that it had to do with the waves and the water.  This answer seemed to satisfy the little ones so they ran off to play in the new sand.

After a nice walk, the kids started drawing pictures and writing on the sand.  They wrote their names on the sand using their best writing possible because they knew others would see their work.  After a little writing, they started drawing pictures of crabs and fish.   We even caught a little crab that my daughter kept as a pet for the night.  We convinced her to leave the little crab out on the patio because he was sure to crawl out during the night.   It wouldn’t be fun if his little claws found her toes! Thankfully we did because by the next morning, he was gone.    Probably enjoying the water with his family, like we were!

Do you love the beach? If so, what is your favorite way to explore and learn while there?


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