Tips for Doing a Lemonade Stand With Kids


What’s more fun than watching your little one test out her entrepreneurial skills?  Probably watching her make a profit at her first try!   Now that the warm weather is upon us, everyone is outside, not just kids.   Your neighbors may be doing yard work, or cleaning out the garage, or just enjoying a nice walk and the fresh air.  While they are outside, it is a great opportunity for your little one to sell lemonade or tea at their very own lemonade stand.

We have done this several times with my ten-year old when he was younger so now it was my seven year-old’s turn to set up shop and sell some refreshing drinks to our neighbors.  And sell she did!

Before we could sell anything, we had to stock up on supplies.  We started first by making our grocery list of items that were needed to sell her lemonade.    My daughter wrote most of the list so this gave her a chance to practice writing and spelling.  On our list we had cups, lemonade, fresh lemons, and cookies.   While I went to the store to pick up her items, she stayed behind and decorated her poster board to advertise her stand.   We talked about a price point for her “product,” where she would put it on her board, and then off to the store I went. When I returned, she had a beautiful sign all ready to go.

We  carried our belongings to the corner of the street, close to the neighborhood pool and park, and before we knew it, my daughter had customers! She was counting change for customers, a math skill she is currently learning in math class.   Some of her customers tipped her pretty well so she was super excited about that! A few hours later, my daughter had made almost $10.00.  She thoroughly enjoyed  herself and had an opportunity to practice her math, art, and entrepreneurial skills in the process.

Want to do a lemonade stand with your kids? Check out my tips for success below!

Tips For Doing A Lemonade Stand With Kids

  • Discuss shopping list items with the children; have children practice writing and spelling by allowing them to write out the list. Using art supplies and a poster board, allow children to decorate their sign.  Remind them to include the cost of the lemonade on the sign.
  • Pick a safe location to set up shop, but also one where there will be people walking or driving buy.  Bring an umbrella as it can get very hot if there is no shade.
  • Help children count the change to give to their customers and count their profit at the end of the day.
  • If children use the money afterwards, discuss a budget as to how much they can spend on a toy.  At the store, allow your child to pay for their items.

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