Recordable Books for Kids


Whether you have grandparents who live a plane flight away, a member of your family travels for work, or you have one who serves in the military, there are still ways for that family member to read to your children.  There are a number of different recordable options out there.

  • Use a video recorder to tape a family member reading a child’s favorite book to them, the child can watch these on a portable DVD player in the car, while traveling, or on the television at home.
  • Purchase a recordable story book, such as those offered by Hallmark, DaySpring, and Record-A-Story.  These can be read anytime, and anywhere.
  • Use an AnyBook Reader to record the reading of each page of your child’s favorite book, the child simply taps the reader onto a special sticker on each page to hear the story being read.  The benefit of this option is you can attach the stickers to any book, whether you purchase a new book from a bookstore, or place the stickers in a tried and true favorite from home.

Only hearing their loved ones voices on the phone, or via Skype is a thing of the past.  Your children will retain such a special bond as they lay in bed at night watching, or listening to their parent or grandparent reading them a story in bed and saying goodnight to them.  Have early readers follow the story by pointing to the words as they are read, they will gradually begin to memorize the story, and thus the words being read to them.

We have been through a number of long military deployments and having family living both overseas and on the other side of the country mean that our children go through long periods of time without seeing the special people in their life in person.  They absolutely love being able to hear that persons voice.   We also find these recordable books extremely helpful in the evenings.  We can read to one child, while the other opens up a recordable story book, then we switch over.  There is no more whining or falling asleep as one child waits for us to finish reading to the first child.

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