Reading Bingo

child with book

Why not teach children to read with books that are fun for them? Read books they want to read.

My fourth-grade teacher helped me gain an interest in reading simply through a reading Bingo game. Different categories of books were listed in Bingo-box format. I got to choose what I wanted to read based on the category I chose. Some categories directed me to read a book by a certain author. Some directed me to a specific genre, such as realistic fiction.

The Bingo game, of course, can be played with children of all ages. Below is just a sample you can use with your child. (This Bingo table includes suggestions for children in preschool through second grade. You can add your own ideas and focus the books to your child’s reading level.)

Bingo Board pdf

Have fun with this game. Take your child to the library and see what books she picks up. You can also reward your child with something as small as a sticker or as big as an ice-cream trip when she gets Bingo.

What are some of your child’s favorite books?

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