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Recently here on Rusty and Rosy, the 50 Greatest Children’s Books list was published. One of the books that made the cut was Pinkalicious by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann. My daughter absolutely loves this book. We decided to spend a day, recently, celebrating the book and doing some fun activities and craft projects pertaining to it.

We began our day by reading the book together and talking about all of the funny things that happen, then we sat down and planned the rest of our day. Of course, the first thing my daughter wanted to do was bake pink cupcakes, just like in the book, so we went to the store and picked up our ingredients and went home to bake. I love getting my kids into the kitchen. She cracked the eggs and poured the ingredients into the bowl for me, then she set to work mixing. Once our cupcakes were baked and cooled, I topped each with some bright pink frosting.

While the cupcakes were baking, though, we set to work making a crown and wand, just like Pinkalicious wears when she dresses up.

For the crown, we took a plain gold foam crown purchased at the craft store and added some hot pink glitter glue onto the top like jewels.

While the crown was drying, we started on the wand.

To make this we used some gold foam that had a sticker backing, a wood dowel rod (that my daughter painted hot pink), and some pink ribbons.

You will need to cut out a star template (I printed one on the computer) and place it over the gold foam. Cut out two gold stars.

Using hot glue attach the ribbons to the top of the wood dowel rod.

Next, peel the backing from one gold star. Place the wand carefully onto the sticker backing so that about 1 inch of the wand is stuck to the star. Peel the backing from the second gold star and place it over the top. Press down firmly.

And the result:

She loved her Pinkalicious accessories.

So while she happily enjoyed a picnic outside with her cupcake and her book, I printed out some activity sheets for her.

The first worksheet was a page for her to draw her favorite part of the Pinkalicious book and the second one was a word search, which would help her become more familiar with the key words of the story.

Have you done any fun crafts and activities relating to your child’s favorite book?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Pinkalicious Crafts and Activities

  1. Wonderful! My daughter is having a pinkalicious birthday party in a few weeks and she loves pink, but she also loves chocolate….so we are going to try the activities and they will have chocolate strawberry cupcakes!

  2. How cute, and what a great project! My daughter loves all things pink, especially crowns and wants with pink! I'll have to find that book and work on these projects. Thanks for sharing!

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