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I noticed that during our #MomStorm Twitter party someone mentioned getting free interactive books on their iPad touch to promote reading for their child. I decided to see what apps I could find just for my phone.

I found a lot of free ones, some of which were a little more interactive with sound and animation. However, there were a few things I noticed that might be helpful for parents. You know, some helpful tips on downloading children’s book apps.

  1. You can find plenty of apps geared toward your young or budding reader. In your phone’s app store, just type in “children’s books” or “kids’ stories” or other. A long list pops up to include traditional fairytales, stories you may remember from your childhood, and original works.
  2. Many apps will provide you with multiple stories you can begin reading to your child.
  3. Some apps are just libraries. The library is free but you have to purchase books from the app’s publisher to add to your library. In some cases you can get so many books for free, or only specific sample books for free, and then you have to purchase additional books. The range of prices can be anywhere from $.99 and up. In one app I looked at, the range pretty much stayed between $1.99 and $2.99, but there was one book priced for $9.99.
  4. I did find more interactive apps with sound playing in the background, narration, and other effects to go along with the narration. However, in a couple cases I decided the app was not worth even a peanut. Sometimes the sound didn’t work or the narration only played part way through the story before quitting. A few other apps I tried included books with ugly or uninteresting illustrations. Good thing the app was free so I didn’t feel too bad for throwing it in the trash right after downloading it.
  5. Many of the apps have easy-to-turn pages. You can just turn the phone over to your sticky-free-hand child and let them flip through the pages on their own.
  6. Some apps have the option for the child to read the story on his or her own or listen to a narration. And, if you want your child to read a story from an app that has automatic narration, just turn down the volume.

I let my nephew borrow my phone to read a story to his sister. He loved it because he got to play with my phone and get his 15 minutes of reading in at the same time. My niece also enjoyed it because of the different pictures. I enjoyed the time because I could concentrate on the road while they were preoccupied with Cinderella in the back seat.

Have you found any interesting buys in your app store that other parents might be interested in? How about some terrible buys? Share with us.

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7 thoughts on “6 Book Apps Tips

  1. We have lots of great book apps on both our iPhone and IPad. One of my new favorites is There is a Monster at the End of This Book. There is interaction, the pages are easy to turn, and it stars our furry pal Grover!

    I have found a few "graphic novels" that are geared towards children that I really haven't cared for. The illustrations are sub par and the stories are incomplete.

    I'd be very interested to see what your other readers have to say!

  2. I'd love to come across a great list of safe, easy to use apps for kids. I've found a few good ones, but dislike looking though ones I'd not want my children to use.

    I'm interested in the ones other moms use too.

  3. I love the book apps from Ruckus Media. Most can be read aloud by child or parent, they have great illustrations and animations, and many have learning games built in. I also like the option to record the book yourself. I would love to leave a recording of myself reding stories to the girls before I leave on a trip!

  4. This is one of the main reasons that I got my iPad.. My kids love all the books from StoryChimes and they all include the option to read it yourself or read along with narration. The titles include all the classics stories I grew up with like Rapunzel and Jack & the Beanstalk to name just two. Most of them are even free which of course is an added bonus. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I'm always looking for apps for my little one to keep him busy or to help him learn. I always get so overwhelmed when trying to find apps in the apps store, so a list like this is really helpful.

  6. Great post!! I have downloaded a few books for my kids on my iPhone. My kids love to play with it while I'm at an appointment, shopping, or doing anything they consider boring. Why not give them something that helps them learn? I also like to include math apps.

  7. We would love to make a post on the Rusty and Rosy blog with a list of safe, easy-to-use apps for kids. Anyone have any suggestions you would like to possibly contribute to the list?

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