Fun for Kids

Rusty and Rosy Reading™ is fun, so your child wants to learn. He travels through engaging stories and discovers new ideas with Rusty, Rosy, and hundreds of other original characters who get him singing songs and reciting the lessons on his own. With Rusty and Rosy Reading, your child not only learns to read, but has so much fun learning, you may have trouble tearing him away from the program.

Thousands of Activities

Rusty and Rosy Reading is packed with over 4,000 activities, 240 digital books, and 185 animated songs and music videos. Activities combined with songs and books teach your child and provide the depth of instruction to ensure your child completely understands the reading concepts taught.

Your child will either listen to a book read aloud or practice reading a book independently. Books include Alphabet Books, Leveled Readers, Make-a-Book, Story Books, and Biographies. You can also find printed versions of popular stories within the software in our store.
Traditional Songs and Stories:
Rusty and Rosy Reading includes traditional songs and stories from around the world. You may find your child singing many of the songs and reciting the stories away from the program.
Activities provide practice and application of the concepts taught in a way that is motivational, fun, and interactive so your child is excited about learning.
Animated songs:
Songs are used to introduce concepts, teach mnemonics, and extend and apply a learned concept.
Nursery rhymes:
The program includes nursery rhymes and traditional stories like Henny Penny and The Shoemaker and the Elves. Your child will also learn spelling rules and traditional melodies.
Classical music:
The program presents concepts through songs accompanied to classical music. For example, your child may learn to write the letter A to Ravel’s Boléro.
Your child will delight in learning songs and nursery rhymes from around the world—presented in English and the original language.
As your child learns to read, she will be introduced to historical characters like Helen Keller, Louis Braille, and Sequoyah, creator of the Cherokee writing system.


The Rusty and Rosy Reading Parent Manager includes printable worksheets, flashcards, games, and assessments. Plus, you can review your child’s progress with statistics and reports, which include recommended activities beyond Rusty and Rosy Reading to challenge your child while building his reading skills.