Easy for Parents

Rusty and Rosy Reading™ makes it quick and easy to monitor your child’s progress. And you can balance instruction to spend more time where your child needs more practice.

Easy to Use

Rusty and Rosy Reading’s user interface is simple to use so your child can launch “Rusty and Rosy” on her own. Once in the program, your child will quickly become familiar with the buttons and navigation.

Progress Report using Parent Manager

Supports Multiple Users

Rusty and Rosy Reading software supports multiple subscriptions on the same computer so each young learner in your household receives instruction customized just for them, their skills, and their learning style.  Your child selects her own name on the login screen and receives lessons completely tailored to her needs.

Free Play Menu

Additional subscriptions are available through the Rusty and Rosy Store. Buy now.

On-demand Reporting

Easy-to-read progress reports are always available from the Rusty and Rosy Manager™ through any Internet connection. Log in here.


Rusty and Rosy Reading celebrates your child’s success, building self–confidence and enthusiasm.

When your child achieves different milestones, she receives a printable certificate, accompanied by cheers of heralding trumpets. As your child progresses, she unlocks activities to play and practice in the Free Play menu. The more your child learns, the more she unlocks.