Complete Reading Program

Rusty and Rosy Reading teaches more than just ABCs. It’s a complete reading program for kids based on decades of best practices and curriculum design research. Your child begins with the alphabet and learns everything needed to become a fluent, confident reader, such as phonics, rhyming, sentence structure, reading comprehension, and more. The computer reading program is so comprehensive you can be confident your child acquires the skills necessary to open the door to a lifetime of learning.

Complete Reading

Unlike other kids’ reading programs, Rusty and Rosy Reading is comprehensive. It begins with the alphabet and teaches everything your child needs to become a fluent reader. With over 4,000 activities and three full years of reading instruction, this complete reading program contains enough content to keep your child learning from preschool through second grade, right from your home.

What Rusty and Rosy Reading Teaches

Rusty and Rosy’s home reading program focuses on five areas of reading

Phonological Awareness:
hearing, distinguishing, and manipulating sounds in spoken words as well as letter sounds, rhyming, syllables, blending letters and parts of words, and more.
alphabet recognition, letter-sound correspondences, word recognition, power words (vocabulary), decoding words, spelling, and more.
Comprehension and Vocabulary:
word meanings and strategies for deriving meaning from text as well as vocabulary, word matching, predicting, making connections in stories, and more.
Language Concepts:
print concepts, grammar, mechanics of written and spoken language, reading readiness, writing, parts of sentences (nouns, verbs, adjectives), and parts of words (suffixes and prefixes) synonyms, and more.
reading text accurately and quickly with appropriate expression; reading orally with expression, pacing, and phrasing; practicing reading while maintaining comprehension of story; and more.

Based on Research and Proven Effective

The instruction in Rusty and Rosy Reading is based on years of research, proven teaching principles, and the latest and most effective methods in curriculum design. Dozens of studies over nearly two decades have proven the effectiveness of the curriculum in this reading software program in achieving academic success with children from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and countries. Learn more about the research behind Rusty and Rosy Reading.