Adapts to Your Child

Unlike other software programs that are simply collections of games and activities, Rusty and Rosy Reading™ presents interactive learning, assessing your child’s skill level and learning style then creating a curriculum path unique only to her. It’s like a personal tutor, working one-on-one with your child, ensuring success.

Starts at Your Child’s Level

Rusty and Rosy Reading begins with a child reading-skills assessment, which determines where your child is placed in the program and what activities and what sequencing create the strongest instructional path for you child to ensure success.

Adaptive Learning Software

Rusty and Rosy Reading uses an adaptive learning system that monitors and responds to your child’s performance throughout the program in order to present activities that match her learning speed, style and skill level. As your child progresses through the reading program, the software provides extra support or challenges where needed.

Support for Struggling Learners and Gifted Students

As an adaptive learning software program, Rusty and Rosy Reading presents all the material needed to master each skill, giving added support or challenges to learners who need it. Struggling learners receive more instruction, more practice, and intense review where needed, revisiting challenging concepts with new activities until mastery is achieved. Children who master a skill early skip explicit instruction, spend more time in practice and application of the skill, and quickly move to learning new skills.