Benefits of Rusty and Rosy Reading Software

Give your child a lasting educational advantage with proven-effective and fun reading software for elementary students and preschoolers.

Did you know that the earlier your child learns to read, the more successful your child will be in school? In fact, the advantages your child receives correlate with greater success throughout life. Giving a child a head start is something every parent wants, and it’s why Waterford Institute created Rusty and Rosy Reading—software that teaches your child to read.

A Learning Path Unique to Your Child

Rusty and Rosy Reading brings Waterford Institute’s award-winning reading software to the home where your child can experience personalized learning every day. Rusty and Rosy Reading’s learning software assesses your child’s skill level and learning style then creates a learning curriculum path unique only to him. It’s like a personal tutor, working one-on-one with your child, ensuring success.

Proven Effective

Rusty and Rosy Reading has been proven effective. It only takes 15 minutes a day to acquire critical reading skills. Plus, it’s fun; you may have a hard time getting your child to take a break from learning.

Why is Rusty and Rosy Reading the best reading computer software for reading on the market?

It’s a complete reading program:
with thousands of activities, teaching the alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, phonics and all the things your child needs to become a fluent and confident reader. With only 15 minutes a day, your child can learn to read giving her education a head start.
It’s personalized curriculum:
that adapts to your child’s skill level and learning style. It’s fun for kids, with simple navigation and appealing graphics, songs, and stories. Each new concept is taught in multiple ways to ensure that your child learns in a way that works for him. Once a concept is mastered, the program moves on to new ideas.
It’s fun for kids:
with simple navigation and appealing graphics, songs, and stories. Your child will enjoy Rusty and Rosy so much that learning becomes fun. Fifteen minutes a day is easy to achieve with a program that your child enjoys.
Its Parent Manager:
makes it easy to monitor how your child is progressing. Detailed reports allow you to check in on your child’s progress as frequently as you would like. Your involvement can be as intense or as light as you like.
Its Award-winning curriculum:
received the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award in 2011 as one of the best products for children on the market. Rusty and Rosy Reading program has been shown to stand out among hundreds of other programs worldwide.