Reading Program

Rusty and Rosy Reading is based on decades of best practices and curriculum design research. Your child will learn everything needed to become a fluent, confident reader, including phonics, rhyming, reading comprehension, sentence structure, and more. Rusty and Rosy Reading opens the door to a lifetime of learning. Learn More

Adapts to
Your Child

Rusty and Rosy Reading’s award-winning learning software assesses your child’s skill level and learning style then creates a learning curriculum path unique only to him. It’s like a personal tutor, working one-on-one with your child, ensuring success. Learn More

Thousands of
Fun Activities

Rusty and Rosy Reading is packed with over 4,000 activities. That’s three full years of reading instruction. As your child travels through engaging stories, discovers new ideas, and learns new songs, she learns to read and develops a love for learning. Learn More

What Parents
Are Saying

“Of all the products and programs that I have invested in for my children, the Rusty and Rosy program has been the best. My children love it and so do I.”

— Dan, Father
San Diego, CA Read More

Rusty and Rosy Reading puts your Child in Control

Rusty and Rosy Reading™ is a children’s educational software program designed to put your child in the driver’s seat. As he navigates through the thousands of activities and learns on his own, he laughs, sings, and grows in confidence while building his reading skills. With Rusty and Rosy Reading, your child has so much fun; he wants to keep learning!
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